Take Me Now

Lube Light

Grip me, Flip me, Squeeze me, Fill Me.

When the lights are off, that’s no reason not to light things up. Lube Light lets you pop its cap for instant illumination so your lube gets applied to all the sweet spots – and never the awkward ones – No more slippery mid section (unless you’re into that).

You can keep it turned on while you’re getting down with your partner(s), our ambient lighting is soft enough to never blind while you’re doing the  grind. No matter what lube gets you vibing, it’s compatible with Lube Light.

Easier to turn on than your last partner, guaranteed.

Aaron & Erin

The Couple Behind the Light

Tired of messy sheets and slippery hands, Aaron and Erin decided to dedicate their time to creating Lube Light. Married and curious, they noticed something missing from the market, something no one had dreamed up before: the perfect lube dispenser with a light that keeps the heat of the moment front and center, or on all fours. Plenty of prototypes and hard work later, they created the world’s first, patent pending, illuminated lid system. Let’s keep playtime light, sex fun, and keep things slippery.

Dirty Details

The only thing we don’t include is your favourite lube.


Use Me, Baby

Lube Light is easy to use. Just unscrew the light cap and pour your favourite lube inside. When you’re ready to play, press on the cap and our hidden LED light will turn right on. Point it at your destination and get just the right amount in all the right places – every time.

Keep it going. Our LED light is soft and makes great mood lighting so you can keep it on your bedside table, or the bathroom floor, or the elevator shaft – wherever you are. It’s perfect.

When you’re ready to cool things down, just press the cap closed. You’ve got this.


Sexpert Reviews

Slutty Girl Problems Turned it On

“If you’re like me and can’t stand slippery hands making a mess of your lube, Lube Light is going to be your new favorite bedside accessory…”

A.B. Turned it On

“Love my Lube Light. I never get lost in the dark now. The cap and lid are perfect and very well designed. Highly recommend for late night fun!”

Alicia P. Turned it On

“Lube lights are awesome; my boyfriend and I would be in the moment and have to turn on the light and fumble around to make sure we weren’t getting our sheets all messy– lube lights made that much easier and kept those special moments more intimate!”

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